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Welcome to WOR: Weapons Of Racing!

Here at WOR we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality racing products. Thanks to our innovative and efficient manufacturing ability, our pricing and quality exceed that of our competition. Our parts are made from the highest quality materials and are built to help stand up to the normal competitive pressures of the racing environment. All products are designed in house and made in the USA.

Auto, Kart, and R/C Car Racing

Racing partsWe specialize in three different aspects of racing; Auto, Kart, and R/C Car. Our research and development team are currently designing lighter weight parts for kid karts. We have seen the need for these light weight parts because as the kids get older they gain weight and most already dont have any weight attached to their kart. This then makes them overweight if there weren't already, which causes them to go slower than lighter karts. Our design team is currently working on new products to meet your needs.  Send us your feedback and be sure to check back frequently. To check out our products, click on the products link. If you would like to purchase some of our products please visit our shop by clicking on the store link above.