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About Us

Rob started his career at the tender age of 15. While working for small manufacturing companies in the San Fernando Valley area he realized he loved to make things. Rob had amazing ideas and strived to learn and do as much as he could from working for these other companies. In 1994 ABACORP was created as a programming and consulting company where Rob could help design and engineer products for larger companies. Then in 1997 A Better Affect, Inc. was launched to meet demand in the Southern California area for a strong, innovative, and exceptional quality manufacturing facility.

Manufacturing History

In 2006, we started our own line of racing products. These products were designed to be sold directly to the consumer for a reasonable price. Rob Frankel has always had the same two passions, one for racing and the other machining. His passion for racing was achieved when he started racing in 1983. He raced at Saugus Speedway in California and was one of the fastest guys on the track. Racing on a small budget did not allow him to achieve many wins or even a championship. He eventually had to stop for several years, but he did not give-up on his dream. Then he started again, this time racing go-karts. He has a strong desire to build affordable competitive products.

With Weapons of Racing, these dreams are becoming reality.